Thai Sriram -

                                   * 07:00 am. Pick up Tourists from various points.

                                   * 07:30 am. Depart from Bangkok to Floating market. 

                                   * 09:10 am. Visit the Elephant camp for ELEPHANT RIDE around the camp. 

                                   * 09:40 am. Arrive at the DAMNERN SADUAK FLOATING MARKET Here you will be 

                                                      fascinated by boats of various shapes and sizes used by local

                                                      merchants to ferry their goods. Your are able to hire paddle boat 

                                                      board along the market for shopping local products.

                                                      (a paddle boat is not included)

                                    * 11:00 am. Take a long tail boat ride to view the way of Thai village.

                                   * 11:30 am. Depart from Floating market back to Bangkok.

                                   * 13.00 pm. Arrive in Bangkok. 

                                   * Tour Included : Transportation,Long-tail boat,Elephant ride

                                   * Not included  :  Paddle boat (150 baht)

                          * Remark : Children if sitting up to pay adult prices